Community & Server Rules

Consequences of Not Following Our Rules

All rules are applicable across our gaming servers, Discord, and the wider web community. Failure to adhere may result in a permanent ban.

Respectful Conduct

Courtesy and respect are non-negotiable within our community. This means no inappropriate language, usernames, or avatars. Any discriminatory, sexual, or racist comments will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban. This also extends to any form of bullying or harassment.

Driving Etiquette

Common sense is key, particularly on laptime tracking enabled servers. Cutting corners, aggressive behavior, and unsporting conduct is not allowed. Our systems record your racing behavior, which is considered by our realtime race control.

  • No divebombing.
  • Exercise caution, especially at the start of races. Admins reserve the right to restart a session if race starts become chaotic. Remember, the race is not won on the first lap.
  • Respect blue flags, do not block others trying to pass.
  • Ensure you can execute a clean pass before attempting to overtake.
  • Cutting corners is not tolerated. Laps with cuts will not be included in rankings or laptimes.
  • Be patient with newcomers. Accidents happen, and it's unlikely another driver intended to disrupt your race.

Appropriate Content Only

This is a community for everyone, and as such, NSFW or +18 content is not permitted anywhere. Any breaches of this rule will result in a permanent ban.

No Spam or Unapproved Advertising

Spamming is not tolerated in any form, nor is advertising without the explicit consent of the admins.

Respect Admins

Please remember that our admins invest a great deal of time and money into making this community possible, and their decisions are made in the best interest of everyone. Disputes with admins should be dealt with privately and respectfully.

Do Not Encourage Rule-Breaking

Encouraging others to break rules, exploit bugs, or cheat in any way is strictly prohibited. This also includes sharing or promoting such methods.

Don't Abuse the Reporting System

The reporting system is in place to maintain the integrity of our community. Please don't abuse it by submitting false reports or using it as a tool for harassment.