At Krreritas, we've built an auto-managed gaming experience that rewards good play and fair competition. It all hinges on our proprietary Krreritas Rating System (KRS), which diligently tracks and rates each player's in-game behavior.

The Heart of Our Community: KRS

Our community thrives on the KRS, the cornerstone of our system. It enables us to foster a fun, fair, and competitive environment for all our players. Plus, it powers the player stats and rankings you see on our website. We encourage all new members to learn How the rating system works to get the most out of their Krreritas experience.

KRS-Limited Servers and Fair Play

Some of our servers have KRS rating requirements. If a player doesn't meet these requirements, they will be automatically removed from the server. We notify players with an in-game chat message approximately 30 seconds before this happens. But don't worry, Krreritas is for players of all skill levels!

Don't Meet The Requirements? No Problem!

If you've been kicked due to Karma or Performance requirements, don't panic! We have servers designed to help players improve their skills and redeem their Karma. Simply log in and scroll down to the server list located at our home page to see which servers you qualify for.

Keeping the Fun Alive: Our Zombie Annihilation System (Z.A.S)

In our quest to prevent reckless driving and maintain a fun gaming environment, we've implemented the Zombie Annihilation System (Z.A.S.). This system monitors drivers in real-time and removes those who fail to demonstrate clean driving.

Need Assistance? Join Us On Discord!

If you need more information or assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us on Discord. We're here to ensure you have the best possible gaming experience at Krreritas!